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I have acquired a video downloader program from my device and I noticed that since that day I keep on getting the pop-up hijacker. While browsing the web, this hijacker takes me to App Store and wants me to buy Candy Crash Saga or other games. I want to remove pop-up completely but I have no idea where to start. I have been to various forums but got no real answers yet. I am hoping to get quick solution from this thread. Hope someone can help me stop the device from begin redirected to


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  • Roger on

    I am sure that this is not iOS device problem alone.

    My Android device was also hit by virus. I was browsing a forum using Google Chrome when this pop-up appears. I accidentally tapped on the ads and it opens a new browser window about this adtrack. Next thing that pop-up is Google Play showing me specific page for candy crash. Since then, keeps on bothering me very often.

    I have managed to clear the cookies, history, etc. on my browser but it didn’t solve the problem. Searching the Internet brings me nowhere except for suggestions that do not work. All the while, I thought it was an issue with the site I am trying to visit. But after several search, it turns out to be local App related.

    I really need help to remove from my device.

  • james on

    I download the free avg virus software for the android , ran it and it picked up on the flash player. I removed the player and this seemed to take care of the malware.

  • LMattis on

    Thank you so so so much! I let my boyfriends young relative play with my phone and he installed about a ten games and adtrack king has been bugging the hell outta me ever since! I hope this works, I just did it! It says it found the security problems and I I uninstalled them. Thanks so much!

  • Nimesh patel on

    For Android device, you can go to settings >> Application Manager >> Downloaded application. If you see ‘Network’ application with green bars, that’s the one sending you ad tracking messages. Uninstalling this application will free your device from pop up of candy king and others.

  • carol on

    Thanks. Used several other forums with no luck. Followed your instructions and found “network”, (where the green bars were the key to me since I specifically recalled them upon the install of Flash); however, I located it under “Running”, instead of “Downloaded” Apps. Thanks again, Let’s hope it works.

  • LeeAnne on

    I did everything that everyone suggested. The only thing that worked was the free anti virus. But you have to find one that specifacally says, anti virus and malware etc. It found something in three things I had downloaded, words with friends free, my directions, and a music box Pro or music hup something. As soon as it warned me of these things I deleted all of them and I have not gotten the again. I don’t know which was the culprit but can live with out all of them just to get rid of that…. I hated it. Good luck!

  • Flarpsizzle on

    The avg protection works really good for my android it got rid of this problem by finding the network thing stated above although you can just go to settings and uninstall it.

  • angela sawyer on

    I am so tired of this ad track keep king crap can king. Com help u get avnew phone

  • nora on

    Thank you it worked. Manage apps.delete Internet with green bars
    Worked like magic

  • ben on

    On my Android I just went to Settings – Security and turned ‘Unknown Sources’ off which seems to have done the trick for me.

  • terence on

    Need help getting rid of this

  • Tim on

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I never would have thought to uninstall something called “network.” They were rather clever (devious) in the way they hid their application on my phone. Thank you for helping me get rid of it.

  • Shannon on

    I am having the same problem. I can’t seem to find “Network” in my phone anywhere though. Any other suggestions as to what I should look for?

  • Annie on

    I haven’t got ‘network’ in my settings any idea where this bugger is hiding?

  • michelle johnson on

    Removing the “Network” with the green bars that “looks” so doggon official did the trick! So far I am FREE from that mess that it was doing to my phone!!!
    Network looks so doggon official I was afraid to remove it because I thought it was part of my phone’s system.
    Again thank you.

  • GIANT on

    Seems like the problem stems from “4 Pics 1 Word” app. If u have downloaded this app and are getting the adtrack king problem. Delete 4 pics app and your problem should reside. Did for me… CHEERS

  • Ellen on

    On my Android phone: “Network” must have been downloaded along with the Adobe Flash Player I downloaded last week, but wouldn’t thoroughly install it because it wanted me to change my settings to accept downloads from unknown sources, and I didn’t feel safe doing that. After that, however, I encountered this never-ending display of ads for anything from social dating sites to the ever-annoying CCS game. First I just stopped Network from running, but I just uninstalled Network under my apps listing, and it took the FlashPlayer along with it since that icon is no longer on my apps page. Maybe it’s a deliberate consequence loaded by Google for downloading something that is not compatible with Google Chrome…they make you pay forever with those ads! BTW, I have the free AVG protection, but it never gave me a clue about the Flash Player…that I noticed, anyway.

  • Mike on

    On my galaxy s4 I found that clearing the Internet app’s data removed the ad track king as default page. Settings -> Application manager -> All Apps -> Internet -> Clear Data.

  • Mike on

    Edit: I could not find the Network app as described above. This seems to have solved my problem. Hope it helps.

  • Tim adams on

    please stop sending me messages up games and any other ads please

  • Tim adams on

    I hate adtracker.king

  • jim on

    How do i remove adtrack from my phone

  • Dom The Mover on

    TY Namish

  • candy on

    Go to setting. Then apps the remove the. App. Networks. Or get avg

  • joann on

    I went to settings -apps. Downloaded-found icon that said network with green bars and deleted it. It worked

  • sharon on

    I have a Nexus 4 and can’t find a way to remove if anyone has a help please let me know.

  • chucko on

    It worked for my android S4. In settings, then app manager and uninstall “network”

  • LIPA on


  • Missy on

    Removing the “network” with green bars worked!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Chris on

    Just a word of thanks to those who recommended zapping the “Network” app on Android. My wife’s Note 2 was plagued with popups after she installed Flash (gotta have it for some Amazon Prime video and other purposes). Uninstalling (two instances FYI) of the Network push app in Settings > Applications > All seems to have halted these annoying notifications and popups. Thank you internets and smart people.

  • bajoran on

    Just uninstall and install chrome again. Worked for me :)

  • dan on

    I could not find network but I found “lookout” with green bars and uninstalled that and it worked. in order to uninstall i had to open app then go into settings and uncheck box so it will let me uninstall. hope this helps

  • Raf on

    Look for Spy Camera Ultimate too.

  • Glen on

    I cannot find network on my note 2 can you some one help me please i need to remove adtrack king. Thanks

  • Terry A merson on

    I Need help finding the network on my Note 2 so the ad track King will stop popping up every second while I’m on the internet. Please help!

  • Clax on

    Uninstalled Spy Camera Ultimate. I think it worked!

  • Anne on

    Thank you…Thank you…Thank you. I installed the AVG software from Play Store and went through Application Manager to uninstall. Ding dong, Candy Crush Saga and all the other little Sagas are gone! Maybe I can use my Smart phone now without losing my mind. Lol

  • Mary on

    I was having issues adtrac.king and it turns out the apps is was infecting were not real apps. It looks almost identical to the real one buthad a different icon. Once I deleted I installed the real one the problem was gone. They must have been downloads directly from the site instead of the play store.

  • williamMt on

    My name is William. Am new here. Am getting a lot of help from this forum.

  • nate on

    Ok, I have an lg optimus…couldnt find the network icon with the green bars,
    settings-running apps etc.. but a ” google play store” icon looked fishy.
    It was shaped like a puzzle piece. It should be shaped like a hand bag.
    I deleted it and now no more ads pop up telling me “low memory”. Anyway
    I saw and come up after redirect in url bar.
    After I deleted the false puzzle piece shaped google play icon the problem was gone. .
    Hope this was helpful.

  • nate on

    Also, avg didnt work. And it seemed to change the other google play store icons into a puzzle piece.
    The real google play icon should be shaped as shopping bag.

  • janet loper on

    It was night vision goggles that infected me

  • TheMaxx on

    It was a game I downlowned from the market. if you can remember when it started and delete the app(s) you installed at the time that shud do the trick.

  • Ron on

    This has been driving my NUTS! I didn’t have a Network app in App Mgr so just tried AVG and it found night vision goggles as the offendign app. I uninastalled it and will see what happens…You don’t understand – over the past few weeks I’ve tried installing kaspersky, AppBrain Ad Detector, 360 security, Addons Detector, MibileCare, Ad Netwrok Detector, Avast and NONE of these helped! Hopefully AVG will do it! OMG!

  • D on

    Same. It was night vision app that infected me.

  • Abby on

    Found the “Network” app and uninstalled. Hoping this works! Thanks!

  • Micah Gomez on

    ne win ios 7, you can block the url adtrac .king

  • Micah Gomez on

    sry, mean “new in” not “ne win”

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