How to remove CryptoLocker malware

CryptoLocker malware first infects one computer on our network. The PC is showing an alert “Your personal files are encrypted.” Then, all of the files like document, photos, videos, and other executable are locked. Two days already have passed and we still cannot remove CryptoLocker, it now has spread over to the network. A couple of computers are also affected by this malware. As of now, we have disconnected all the infected system to avoid further damage on network environment.

The sad thing is, the first computer that was compromised by CryptoLocker has an administrative privilege on the network. We are seeing that instance why it has also infected another couple of PC. We are not yet sure, but CryptoLocker may have also got into the main server and just waiting for the right time to reveal itself.

We haven’t found useful information on the web on the removal of CryptoLocker. There are many users seeking for help from various forums, but effective removal was not yet provided. Aside from this query, we are still watching threads from other web sites.

While waiting for the removal solution for CryptoLocker virus, we are running various security scanners. We’re done using adaware and going to run another of tools in a little while. I’ll keep this post updated whenever there are developments. For the meantime, anyone who knows how to deal with this kind of infection, please help me remove CryptoLocker malware from the computer.

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  • judemike on

    There are a number of removal tools that you can use to deal with CryptoLocker. In fact, getting rid of this virus is not the main concern of many. What is flooding security forums and discussion as of this moment is the decryption of files affected by CryptoLocker virus.

    With regards to removal, some users claim that you will no longer decrypt files when the CryptoLocker window is gone. Because it is only in this interface, you can input the private key that will send a command to decrypt your files. If you remove CryptoLocker from the PC and window is gone, you may have to decrypt files individually.

  • canderson on

    Cryptolocker virus hit my computer. The virus was removed but my files have not been restored. You mention decrypting files individually. How do I go about that. I had professionals trying to decrypt my files to no avail. Any help appreciated.

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