How to uninstall DomaIQ by Tuguu

Without my consent, a program named DomaIQ by Tuguu SLU seems to invade my computer. It was installed vehemently without my action. This program is so rude that it has to get inside my PC without asking for approval. DomaIQ pop-up is so annoying. Searching the Internet gave me an idea that DomaIQ is an adware. It is harmful in some way.

I visited control panel and found that the program is there. But when I try to uninstall DomaIQ, I cannot proceed. The ‘Uninstall’ button is inactive. I decided to run a scan of my AVG. I was shock to see that it did not detect a single threat. Next, I run Spybot. This time it found the DomaIQ and put it into the quarantine. However, it was not solved fully. After restarting Windows, the adware still shows itself.

Please send me complete solution to remove DomaIQ from the computer. I am running out of options and is nearly losing my patience. I wanted to reformat Windows if proper solution is not found sooner.

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