I need CryptoLocker Private Key

Hello. My computer is currently being attacked by a virus called CryptoLocker. It requires me to pay $100 just to have the CryptoLocker Private Key. All files including documents, photos, videos, and music were encrypted with RSA-2048 according to pop-up box.

I am supposed to try different decryption tool but all of them have distinct encryption method. What I mean is, some tools available now is not meant to decrypt files that were encrypted with CryptoLocker ransom Trojan. You really need a private key to recover all your locked files.

Are there any geniuses here who can counter the effect of CryptoLocker? Can someone provide a general private key just to decrypt all files on my computer?

I don’t have money to pay for CryptoLocker private key but I need to recover files on my computer. These are files from my work and I needed to access them immediately.

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  • mary ada on

    Don’t get hopeless but I think CryptoLocker was designed to assign unique private key for each victim. When it attacks your computer, it will register your PC and private key on its server. The same server will authenticate if you input your unique private key.

    Let us hope that one person may be able to decipher CryptoLocker and release a generic private key to decrypt files on all computers.

  • jeremy on

    The private key for CryptoLock is randomly generated on the user’s computer and the server. These are public and private keys. They should match each other in order to decrypt the files on the computer. It only means that whatever public key you have on the PC should match the private key on CrytoLock’s server. So, there is no way that you can recover files even if I lend you my key. Here is what Microsoft has to say about it.

    “Note that the key that “unlocks” your computer is unique; you will not be able to use anyone else’s key.”


  • raj on

    hi guys, does anyone now how to get data back after an attack from a cryptolock infection. has anyone been possiable to get there data back after the ransum has been paid.

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