Remove pop-up suddenly pop-ups on my computer today. I don’t know where it came from and I have no idea if it has already infected the system at that time. As far as I know, when pop-up on the screen, I immediately closes the browser. No single button or link was clicked. After the appearance, I run virus scan on the computer and it found no infection.

After restarting the computer, I see gradual pop-ups. This may confirm that virus has entered my laptop. Again, running a virus scan reveals that my computer is free from any threat. Or maybe, my antivirus program is just not that effective and needed to be replaced with a better one.

With virus continue to appear on my computer, I cannot browse the web normally. It distracts my online activity. Constant pop-ups and browser redirect issue are the main concern at this moment. I cannot stop it.

I have read and followed several guidelines from various web sites but none of them helped me stop the pop-up ads. System restore of Windows also cannot be performed at this time; maybe the virus has done something to disable it.

Please tell me how to remove from the computer effectively. What tools do I need and what are the correct procedures to deal with this adware?

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  • james on

    Here is a typical procedure to remove adware that belongs to “Sponsorship” group.

    First, you must unhide hidden folders using the folder options.
    1. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer to view all files and folders on the PC.
    2. Click on Organize at the top menu, and then select Folder and Search Options.
    3. Under View tab, activate Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
    4. Click OK, Apply to save the current settings.

    Next, you need to delete the unwanted files and folders dropped by
    1. On Windows Explorer, navigate to folder C:\Users\(computers name)\AppData\Roaming\
    2. Look for any suspicious folder and delete it. During my analysis, is using a folder called Dsite and UpdateTask.
    3. Lastly, run a scan of AdwCleaner by Xplode. You can search the web and download the tool from reputable sites.

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