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For two days, I’ve been struggling to remove Webcake virus from my computer. I have been using this computer for two months without an idea that there is no protection installed with it. Due to some conflicting issues, I removed the antivirus few months back. It never occurred to me to install it back again.

Yesterday, I decided to scan my computer with anti-malware program. I discovered that there are dozens of adware, hijackers, and toolbars residing on my computer. Webcake is one of them. I was able to remove other adware except for this nasty Webcake virus. I decided to post this issue on this forum since I have used many of your procedure to remove infections on my PC way back. Searching the Internet for solution, the first two results want me to buy spyhunter and some sorts of programs to solve the Webcake issue. So, I neglect it right away.

At the very least, I know that I can get Webcake out of my computer without the need to spend some penny. I am looking to effective guide to remove this virus from my computer. Please help me.


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    Uninstall Webcake from Windows

    The first thing you should do to remove this adware from the computer is to uninstall the program from Windows. Follow this procedure:

    1. Click Start button of Windows. You may also press the “Start” or “Windows” key from keyboard. For Windows 8 users, you can right-click on bottom-left corner of the screen.
    2. Once you see the menu, click on Control Panel.
    3. Navigate to Programs, and then Uninstall a program.
    4. Please uninstall software called WebCake.

    Removing Webcake relevant program is just the first step. It is not the complete solution to stop the adware from intervening with your computer. Thus, you have to complete the removal procedure below.

    Scan with Avast Browser Cleanup

    To go on with the removal of Webcake, we need to scan the browser for malicious values. This time, we will use a tool from Avast. This tool will clean the browser by resetting the settings to default values. It will only remove add-ons that were found suspicious. You can download the tool now and start scanning the system.

    Run AdwCleaner to Remove Webcake data

    AdwCleaner is an effective tool to delete PUP (potentially unwanted program). This handy program also search and delete unwanted Toolbars, Hijackers, and unknown search engine from the browser. You can uninstall this tool as soon as you are done with adware removal. This download link will give you access to AdwCleaner executable file.

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